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About the Owners

Fraser and Shannon’s careers started at a young age, both had a driving 
ambition to become successful chefs and restaurateurs.

They worked independently at top dining establishments in Auckland before 
meeting at The Grove Restaurant Auckland 2009.

Two years in France working as private chefs together ignited their dream to showcase their talents in their own restaurant back home.

Returning to NZ they continued to expand their skills in Auckland’s top dining 
establishments whilst searching for the ideal location for their restaurant.


Shannon diversified to front of house management shortly after returning to New Zealand, to broaden her skills and knowledge in running a successful restaurant.

“I really enjoy my role as a restaurant manager, especially meeting and conversing with our guests. My experience as a chef has helped me to enlighten our guests with what we provide on a daily basis and explain our relationship and connection with the growers and farmers we work very closely with.
I have a strong understanding of food preparation and presentation and appreciate 
the complexities of the work involved. I feel that after my career as a chef, I now belong in the dining room sharing that knowledge with our guests.”


Fraser, is an impressive chef, known within the industry for his innovative and 
stimulating cooking. 

My main focus is with local growers and farmers around New Zealand, there is 
a lot of unique produce out there. The change of seasons is reflected in my
 using what is accessible at that time. I really enjoy utilising the whole product. Whether that be an animal or vegetable, using all that we have been given and creating a dish out of it, is something that I take an enormous amount of enjoyment from. The best part is passing that onto our guests.

I am also appreciative of the freedom to change our menu often and have fun with those ingredients, so that the menu is delicious while also being playful to entertain our guests.”

Fraser continuously challenges current perceptions of food. This is demonstrated 
in his unique style, technique, presentation and achievements since opening Lillius.


Fraser McCarthy - Owner

Fraser McCarthy - Owner

Shannon Vandy - Owner

Shannon Vandy - Owner